project cedrus

an innovative carbon fiber hydrofoil mast for kitefoil, wingfoil, surf, windsurf, and SUP

Carbon FOIL mast compatible with any board & many wings

LA Foilers Going Big

Break down industry barriers. Ride the Project Cedrus carbon mast with any board, and swap your wings as you progress or your style evolves. Using an award winning design, the mast has been sized to the loads of kite, windsurf, surf, and SUP foiling.

now available in two models

Carbon fiber hydrofoil adapters mounts

After years of requests for longer options, I am excited to offer The Clydesdale model. Available in 97 and 101cm (assembled length) and with a stronger board attachment design, this mast has been optimized for windsurfers, jumping wing foilers, and SUP riders on high volume boards. An additional ply of intermediate modulus fabric further differentiates the look from The Classic, and helps make The Clydesdale is the stiffest AND strongest mast on the market. You can read about the development over here and check out the FAQ to see if it’s right for you.

stiffer and stronger than aluminum

Don’t let the weight fool you, the feedback is consistent: Project Cedrus is the stiffest mast available and can easily handle the increased loads from new activities like wing foiling with NO RIDER WEIGHT LIMIT. The mast was optimized through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using tools and experiences spanning 15 years of extensive composite aerostructures from the 787 Dreamliner to flying cars. The unique architecture and optimized layup of Project Cedrus results in increased bending and torsional stiffness.

Cedrus Torsion FEA
Cedrus Bending FEA

improve your ride

The feedback is consistent: all wings fly better with a stiffer and lighter mast. Whether you kite, wing, surf, windsurf, or SUP foil… Project Cedrus will give you more control and stability. Learn how to make carbon masts stiff over here.

the only hollow carbon mast on the market

Solid carbon masts don’t exploit the weight benefits of the material, and foam cores weaken under cyclic stress. The 90cm version of Project Cedrus weighs in at 2.75lbs / 1.25kg, while the 65cm length is sub 1kg. Despite being some of the lightest masts on the market, both bending and torsional stiffness properties of the mast exceed industry benchmarks. Whether you are carving in the surf, pumping a big wing, or riding a wide board, you will appreciate a stiffer mast.

Carbon fiber hydrofoil adapters mounts

handmade in oregon

carbon fiber hydrofoil layup
carbon fiber foil hydrofoil layup project cedrus

Along the shores of the Columbia River, the mast is fabricated by skilled technicians using repurposed aerospace grade materials. Intermediate modulus, toughened epoxy prepreg is cured using an out-of-autoclave process. The aluminum inserts undergo a special anodizing process before application of a corrosion inhibiting primer. Stainless steel helicoils ensure that your bolts turn freely for years.


Patented architecture

Two-piece construction enables a number of unique features from the hollow carbon core to non-structural edges. The flexible trailing edge improves safety, damage tolerance, and vibration damping of the mast. It will never chip or need repairs, so you can spend more time riding and less time worrying about your fragile carbon foil.

patent hydrofoil

custom lengths available

+ Different Wing Combinations

  • Wingfoil
  • Freeride Kite
  • Wingfoil, Surf & SU
  • Carving & Gliding
  • Race

Mast Lengths

Whether you are a multi-sport foiler, want to size the mast to the specific depth of your local spot, or are looking for a short length to learn. Project Cedrus is available in custom lengths between 65cm and 90cm in 5cm increments at no additional markup. Request more info below for package deals and current inventory.

Fuselage Options

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