Adapter fabrication

what does it take to make an adapter?

Step 1

Trace original mast

Trace your original mast on a sheet of white paper. Only a few dimensions are needed, and the photo is imported to CAD for 3D modeling

Step 2

Fuselage Details

Provide details on any pockets in your fuselage, so that Project Cedrus can have a seamless fit. This step is easier with a set of calipers, or  I am happy to help if you send the fuselage to me for evaluation.

Step 3

3D printing

To ensure a perfect fit, a 3D printed sample part is produced. This allows me to confirm hole spacing and fuselage fitment. This step if required for fuselages with a tuttle-like interface, including Moses, MFC, and Lift. More simple bolted connections do not require this step.

step 4


Your adapter is machined out of a chunk of 6061-T6 aluminum by a local machinist. The part is then sent to anodizing at a local metal finishing shop.

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