Bob from Bay Area Machinist, the best machinist I’ve had the privilege of working with. Kudos for taking the biggest risk of anyone and starting your own capital-intensive machine shop. Thanks for not charging me aerospace rates for molds and parts, or this project would have never taken off.

Cody, my manufacturing engineer and partner. For never thinking an idea was too crazy, and for helping bring my digital design to physical form through tooling and assembly. Project Cedrus was not possible without you.

CUG, thanks for your interest in diversifying your business beyond UAVs and wind turbine blades:) Glad we were able to work together on this, and I hope we can make many more together!

Dave Tybo, for being an awesome test pilot, as well as for your continued support of BAK. You’re my main man in the Gorge, and I really appreciate your help throughout the development process. Hope you like the next iteration with Stringy wings!

Gary @ Liquid Force, thanks for being open to collaboration, for sharing your surfaces, and for all the industry insight. Hope you guys like the setup with your wings!

Laurel Eastman, for everything you’ve done for the sport of kiteboarding and support when Project Cedrus was just figment of my imagination. Looking forward to kiting with you and Pete again soon!

Nick, perhaps the only guy who foils more than Stringy:) Thanks for being an early advocate, and for riding the heck out of the prototype as well. You were the first to experience ventilation, and the first to help eliminate the cause. You’re a talented athlete and your feedback was super helpful.

Nick’s first ride, April 14 2017

Ollie, the founder of BAK. I hope this project can help breath some life into the site. You created a wonderful resource for the community out of pure passion, the multimate motivator and drive for Project Cedrus as well. It’s been fun staying in touch with you, and thanks again for all your help throughout the transition of BAK.

Stringy, for your willingness and enthusiasm from day one. A lot of people laughed at me when I told them I wanted to make a foil without wings, but you got it. Your test feedback was invaluable, especially as I no longer have the time (or wind) to foil:-( I couldn’t have done this without you, and I hope we can continue to collaborate on this project.

Tom Speer, for your help with all aero-related design work. I always enjoyed our meetings, and learned a ton from you. You understand the important of multidisciplinary optimization between aero and structures, and I hope I can give you more feedback on the performance of the next iteration soon!

Finally, my future Launch Customers! Thanks in advance for your support, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Kyle Lobisser
January 28, 2018