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through the use of machined adapters, Project Cedrus is compatible with various fuselages and wings


fuselage adapter


Need a stiffer or longer mast for those big and beautiful MFC wings? This adapter provides a perfect fit to the mini tuttle-like interface of the MFC fuselage. The adapter adds approximately 10mm in length to the mast, and shifts the front wing forward only 8.5mm.

fuselage adapter


Project Cedrus is about a pound lighter than the Lift mast, and considerably stiffer and stronger. The monocoque design of the Lift wings and fuselage make for an incredibly lightweight setup, and I am excited to offer compatibility with their wings. They are also one of the few companies who makes it easy to purchase their wings separately.

fuselage adapter

liquid force

It was not feasible to match the bolt spacing of the Liquid Force fuselage given the unique architecture of Project Cedrus. But with this simple adapter which adds only 15mm in length and 100g to the mast, Project Cedrus becomes compatible with all Liquid Force fuselages.

Fuselage adapter

Slingshot / RIDE ENGINE

Bolt this adapter to Project Cedrus, and you’re now compatible with the Slingshot Hoverglide / Ride Engine line of kite, surf, SUP, and windsurf wings. While you won’t have the lightest setup available, you will certainly notice the 2-3 pounds saved and appreciate the increased stiffness. This adapter must interface with the front wing, and adds about a centimeter to the mast length and 100g in weight.

fuselage adapter

Moses / SS Ghost Whisperer

Need a stronger mast for your huge boosts? Want a shorter option for your favorite wings? This adapter was designed, machined, and tested by Jim Stringfellow. It allows Project Cedrus to cleanly mount the Moses aluminum fuselage, the same supplied as OEM to Slingshot. The adapter adds approximately 1cm in length to the mast, at a weight penalty of only 115g.

Fuselage adapter


An economical and well-loved setup, the Cabrinha foil is a bit overweight. This adapter makes Project Cedrus compatible with their fuselage, reducing the weight of your foil to make it easier for learning, traveling, and maneuvering out of the water. According to a recent customer, “The whole setup feels totally more “alive” and responsive with Cedrus over the CabAlum mast.”

fuselage adapter

zeeko spitfire

Love the ride of your canard configuration but want a lighter and stiffer mast? This adapter bolts to Project Cedrus and offers compatibility with the Zeeko Spitfire fuselage. It adds 10mm in mast length and forward shift, at only 75g.

Custom Fuselage

Moses 633

A common complaint among Moses 633 enthusiasts is the amount of front foot pressure required to keep the high lift of the big wing under control. On a pocket board, riders can quickly run out of room. Designed by Jim Stringfellow, this fuselage mounts directly to Project Cedrus and moves the center of pressure of the Moses 633 wings back to a more comfortable and stable location.

the full package

Cedrus fuselage

At 1.5lbs, the machined aluminum fuselage has lower weight and drag than extruded models. 25″ in length, it bolts directly to Project Cedrus and is compatible with all Liquid Force and 1st generation CloudIX wings. This fuselage offers a great platform for fabricating your own wings, or contact Jim for a Project Cedrus-specific version of his popular Stringy Wings. If you already have a set of Stringy wings with different hole paterns, this fuselage can be be modified to accomodate your current setup.

Not seeing you favorite wings? Send me a note below and I will design the adapter or fuselage you need to make Project Cedrus work for you.

Questions about compatibility? Need a custom solution?