make any foil

a carbon foil

through the use of machined adapters, Project Cedrus is compatible with various boards, fuselages, and wings.


the full package

aluminum fuselage

At 1.5lbs, the machined aluminum fuselage has lower weight and drag than extruded models. 25″ in length, it bolts directly to Project Cedrus and is compatible with all Liquid Force and CloudIX wings. A great platform for fabricating your own wings, or contact Jim for a Project Cedrus-specific version of his popular Stringy Wings.

fuselage adapter

liquid force

It was not feasible to match the bolt spacing of the Liquid Force fuselage given the unique architecture of Project Cedrus. But with this simple adapter which adds only 15mm in length and 100g to the mast, Project Cedrus becomes compatible with all Liquid Force fuselages.

Fuselage adapter

Slingshot hoverglide

Bolt this adapter to Project Cedrus, and you’re now compatible with the Slingshot Hoverglide line of kite, surf, SUP, and windsurf wings. While you won’t have the lightest setup available, you will certainly notice the 2-3 pounds saved and appreciate the increased stiffness. This adapter must interface with the front wing, and adds about a centimeter to the mast length and 100g in weight.

fuselage adapter

Moses / SS Ghost Whisperer

Need a stronger mast for your huge boosts? Want a shorter option for your favorite wings? This adapter was designed, machined, and tested by Jim Stringfellow. It allows Project Cedrus to cleanly mount the Moses aluminum fuselage, the same supplied as OEM to Slingshot. The adapter adds approximately 1cm in length to the mast, at a weight penalty of only 115g.

Fuselage adapter


An economical and well-loved setup, the Cabrinha foil is a bit overweight. This adapter makes Project Cedrus compatible with their fuselage, reducing the weight of your foil to make it easier for learning, traveling, and maneuvering out of the water. Please note the standard board mount is not threaded, so you will need nuts or a custom mount to bolt to their board.

fuselage adapter


Project Cedrus is about a pound lighter than the Lift mast, and considerably stiffer and stronger. The monocoque design of the Lift wings and fuselage make for an incredibly lightweight setup, and I am excited to offer compatibility with their wings. They are also one of the few companies who makes it easy to purchase their wings separately.

Board mount

multimount plate

The standard plate provides the freedom of tracks in boards with threaded inserts. The hole pattern allows for 25mm of fore and aft adjustment in both 90x140mm and 90x165mm configurations. The multimount plate weighs approximately 450g.

Board mount

Lightweight plate

The lightweight plate has been optimized using finite element analysis, removing any unnecessary material while retaining adequate stiffness at the board interface where the bending moment is highest. It fits all boards with a 90x140mm mounting hole pattern or 90mm wide tracks. It weighs approximately 250g.

board mount

Stringy qr

Every second counts, especially when the winds are light. This innovative board attachment bracket was designed by Jim Stringfellow, and uses stainless steel cotter pins for quick, tool-less foil mounting. It is available in 90x140&165mm hole spacing and weighs in at 350g. Walnut shims sold seperately.

board mount


Convertible surfboards are the ultimate travel tool. The most epic kite trips are often in search of wind and waves, but the foil is always a session saver. At 280g, this adapter allows you to ride Project Cedrus with all KF mount boards, common to early iterations of the F-One boards. The female KF mount can also be purchased online and installed in your own favorite board.

board mount

Tuttle & Deep tuttle

Popular among windsurfers and original kite racing boards, the Tuttle adapter is available in both standard and deep configurations. Please note there are some variations of the Tuttle box, such as a “Chinook” variant. Click the adjacent image for a good explanation of the 3 Tuttle versions, and feel free to request more info on this mount or additional modifications.

Don’t see what you need? Whether it’s a board mount, adapter to your favorite wings, or custom anodizing I’m happy to help make Project Cedrus work for you. Send me a note below with the details.

Questions about compatibility? Need a custom solution?