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Foiling has evolved so much since we designed the first Project Cedrus kitefoil mast in 2016. While the Classic remains the industry benchmark for stiffness and strength from wingfoil to prone, the new Evolution Cedrus has been optimized for all forms of foiling with greater speed and stability through the water. A new adapter interface ensures forward and backwards compatibility for years to come, making this is the last mast you have to buy in this extremely fast moving sport. This is not an incremental improvement, a new color, a new profile; Evolution Cedrus design and engineering truly began after we shipped the first Classic, and will change the industry, again.


We listened to you, and it was clear that the needs of a lightweight prone foiler differ from those of an aggressive winger. Achieving an optimized solution with a single design is no longer possible, so we engineered two very distinct masts based on the feedback of our diverse range of current and future riders. Evolution Surf will retain the Cedrus Classic stiffness, with much less drag and sportier turns due to reduced thickness and wetted area throughout the hydrodynamically critical region of the mast. Evolution Wind targets the needs of powered riders with significantly more torsional stiffness especially in longer lengths, wrapped in a patented ventilation resistant water piercing region. Both masts are stiffer, stronger, and faster than the Classic, thanks to an entirely new layup, profile, and innovative adapter interface. Whether you’re charging tow-in off Maui, downwinding the Gorge, winging swell in the Sea of Cortez, or proning surf in SoCal, Evolution Cedrus will make any foil perform better. Custom lengths range from 70 to 108cm, in 1inch/2.5cm increments. The Evolution Models overlap in the 80-90cm length region, allowing riders to tune and tailor their foiling experience to their needs.

LA Foilers Going Big

These days I’ve been on several different very stiff masts and so can feel if the mast is not stiff enough as I weight 190#. The Evolution was definitely stiff enough and it clocked as fast as any other top end mast on the GPS. So I’d say you’ve got a solid product with the added bonus of adaptability to any foil. (Evolution Surf, 75cm)


Shop Owner

Yes, does feel faster and stiffer especially when hitting speed spikes. I have found no limits yet. I still need a pumping day to try and hit the limits. I have no doubt this is 1 of the best wing masts on the market. The build quality and durability just like PC is excellent. (Evolution Wind, 80cm)


Longtime and Multi-Cedrus Owner



Project Cedrus is the first and only foil component employing non-structural leading and trailing edges. The semi-flexible polymer reduces weight, improves safety for both the rider and sea life, and is more damage tolerant and easy to repair than carbon composites. We’ve been refining a new manufacturing process that enables lower volume edges and more structural material into a thinner profile, allowing Evolution Cedrus to gain stiffness, strength, and speed with only a minor weight penalty to one of the industry’s lightest masts.


Project Cedrus lead the industry movement towards a stiffer mast, and now we’re excited to introduce patent-pending hydrodynamic concepts that will truly make this the all-around best performing mast. The shorter lengths of Evolution Surf are optimized for drag with reduced thickness and wetted area, ensuring longer glides, fewer pumps, and faster top-end speeds while improving ventilation resistance over the Classic. Evolution Wind features the same 16mm thickness, but introduces a longer chord length at the water-piercing region to ensure flow stays attached even in rough, choppy water at aggressive angles of attack and wind-powered speeds. Both masts are designed to offer a more progressive feel as ride height changes through the water column, so it’s easier to lift off the water and stay there.

carbon hydrofoil architecture project cedrus


Project Cedrus pioneered the use of adapters, and remains the only truly universal foil mast. Bigger boards, longer span wings, and more aggressive forms of foiling are stressing joints more than ever. The new patented adapter interface of Evolution Cedrus combines the industry’s strongest custom M8 screws and tightest manufacturing tolerances with additional M10 hardware to ensure that your foil connection is stiffer and stronger than OEM. Worn out or damaged tapered fuselage connections can simply be replaced, to ensure your mast outlives any piece of your foil kit.



The performance of a mast is far more dependent on design than modulus of elasticity. Evolution Cedrus leverages decades of engineering experience spanning aerospace, automotive, marine, and consumer products to achieve industry leading performance. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) coupled with data from our unique physical test rig ensures design is validated through engineering. Intermediate modulus fiber provides the optimal balance of stiffness and strength, and the bomb-proof aluminum board mount ensures that mast can handle the hits. Both Evolution Wind & Surf will reset industry benchmarks for stiffness, at lower weight and higher strength levels than solid HM carbon masts.

carbon hydrofoil architecture project cedrus


Evolution Cedrus is made to order, in the length you want down to the inch. With a warranty rate of less than 1% since since inception of the project in 2016, and so many masts still in service, we reduce the environmental impact of foiling from cradle to grave. As we work to scale manufacturing in the most responsible way, a very limited number of Evolution masts are available for pre-order. We appreciate your support and patience, and look forward to building your mast soon.