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Why a mast only?

Wings get all the attention, but the mast is the heaviest and most expensive component of your foil. While wing preferences among riders vary from fast and twitchy to slow and stable, everyone appreciates a stiff mast and lightweight setup. Project Cedrus was designed to cut the weight of a typical aluminum foil by up to 40%, without having to invest in an entire new setup. It was designed to exceed the strength and stiffness of any carbon mast on the market, at comparable or lesser weight. It’s compatible with any board, and many wingsets as your skill and preferences evolve. It’s designed to be the one piece of kite gear you don’t feel obliged to upgrade every season, custom made for you, in the length you want, in the Pacific Northwest.

How do you make a mast that's stiffer, stronger, and lighter? That seems impossible.

It’s basic solid mechanics. A foil mast is a beam, subject to bending and torsion loads. The most effective way to increase stiffness is to grow the moment of inertia, and more specifically the beam height. In a foil, this means a thicker section, which comes at the expense of drag. At 19mm, Project Cedrus is a little thicker than most masts, but a similar profile to the Axis mast, for example. Mast drag is only one component of total foil drag, and the further out of the water you extend the smaller the impact. Working with an America’s Cup foil designer, I optimized the section shape Project Cedrus for stiffness, weight, drag, and separation angle.

How many have you sold?

Design for first prototype began in 2016, shortly after I left Apple. Within 6 months, I was riding the first prototype in the SF Bay Area. Shortly thereafter, another batch of 3 masts was made and ridden by testers in Santa Cruz and the Gorge. Incorporating their feedback and additional lessons learned after a year of testing, the design was refined and a pre-production batch of 20 masts made sold as complete foils with Stringy Wings to launch customers and delivered late summer 2018. With extremely positive feedback, I’m excited to finally offer Project Cedrus to the foil community and am currently in serial production at over 50 units delivered to happy customers.

Who is Project Cedrus designed for?

Project Cedrus was designed for those who want the freedom to ride any board with whatever wingset they wish. It’s for those who are tired of being forced to buy an entirely new setup just because they want to try a different pair of wings. It’s for riders who want the stiffest, most responsive feel possible but have buckled aluminum masts or cracked foam-cored carbon masts. It’s for kiters who also like to SUP foil, for foil surfers who want a specific length. The new sport of wingsurfing is also proving to be a perfect match for the stiffness of Project Cedrus. It’s for the unfortunate riders who have a long walk to the beach, or travel a lot for wind, who will most appreciate the dramatic weight savings. The mast was not optimized for riders who want to race or set speed records. Designing for top end speed would actually come at the expense of low speed carving characteristics, as thinner sections can actually have higher lift induced drag at low speeds. Think of Project Cedrus as your fat waisted rockered powder skis, as opposed to GS race skis. It was designed to be playful and fun, a perfect balance of performance.

What is the warranty & satisfaction policy?

Project Cedrus is backed by a 2 year structural warranty on any component. As an entirely self-funded small business, Adherend Innovations, LLC simply cannot afford to take returns for any other reason. Demos are encouraged, and we will do our best to facilitate them. Each mast is made to order, and uniquely serialized. Cosmetic blemishes may exist, but performance is guaranteed. The marine environment is incredibly harsh, and how the foil is cared for will ultimately govern the service life. That being said, any clear manufacturing defect causing failure under reasonable load conditions will be recognized as such and I will do my best to facilitate unsatisfied customers at any point of their ownership.

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