Customer feedback

quoted from un-solicited emails, text messages, and instagram posts


Gunnar Biniasch | 80cm | wing, SUP, surf, kite, moses, North, Indiana
“I have now tested the Mast with Moses, North and Indiana Foils
Works amazingly well with all of them
It is stiffer than the Moses Carbon Masts and less prone to ventilation. I can trust it more
It is a big improvement to the North and Indiana Alu Masts and makes the Foils ride a lot nicer”
Andrew | Clydesdale 93cm | kite, SUP, prone, surf | Axis
Wow!! I’m blown away Kyle, this mast has exceeded my expectations, I’ll reload my toy fund and get on the list for a 75cm or 29.5 ish…”
Foilthegreats | Clydesdale 83cm | wing | CloudIX
I finally had a session on the new mast. It’s an epic piece of gear! I’m really happy with it!”
Greg | 80cm | wing, moses, axis

I would attest that your mast is definitely safer as I got whacked in the cheek with it after a crash.  I came up and turned to look to see what the board was doing and got smacked pretty good.  I always wear a helmet and that may have helped but I thought I split my cheek open.  Turns out it was bruised but not cut and I think the trailing edge was the difference.  My Moses mast back edge is sharp and no flex so would have been worse for sure.  I ended up with a black eye and swollen cheek but that was it.”

Kevin | 90cm | wing, moses

“it’s nice and light and feels stiff on the beach… moses 82 carbon surf mast is pretty noodly.

didn’t get any ventilation from the mast which I think i’m getting on the Moses mast when i push upwind.”

Island Foils | 80cm | wing, SPG

“I’ve been having fun! I had a couple days to try out the new mast winging and it’s definitely tighter all around! I’m really noticing how much more direct the connection is from my board to the foil, that is how direct the response is to my foot pressure. I didn’t notice any downside from the extra cord length.”

Julian | 90 & 70cm | wing, SUP, moses, axis

“@projectcedrus credit where it’s due. Great gear – thoughtful design and tight manufacturing. 🤙”

Bill | 90cm | wing, moses

“Hi Kyle, was able to ride the mast today. All fit together perfectly.  You designed a really nice product!  The lighter weight to stiffness ratio is noticeable. The height is good for winging in swell, and it seems fast thru the water. Thanks!!”

Alex | 90cm | wing + kite, moses

“Thanks for the mast. I spent quite a bit of time on it mostly winging and it’s been solid for that. The one kite session in it was great too, I did not notice any speed degradation compared to the stock Moses mast, but did notice my turns were snappier and smoother due to increased mast stiffness.”

foilfridays | 75cm | wing, MFC

“best wingsurfing mast ever.”

Matt | 90cm | kite, Lift

“…had a half dozen days foiling with it since healing,,,,IT’S AWESOME!!! So much torsionally stiffer means MUCH faster ‘edge to edge’….allows me to do fun, snappy little turns…”

Rick | 90 & 70cm | kite, Lift

“Loving the solid ride on the 90cm and the Lift 150 wing set. Yesterday I tried the Lift 100cm mast with a Lift 130 wing set and it definitely felt most “shifty” under foot. Not sure if it was the mast, the slightly smaller wing or a combination. Got back on yours then with the 150 wing and it felt happier to me.”

Hans | 90cm | kite, Stringy

I immediately felt a significant difference in overall weight with the new foil compared to my other Aluminum setup. It’s remarkably lightweight.

While dragging out to the deeper water the board I continued to marvel at how light weight it is. Setting it on it’s side and starting was very easy.   I am riding with a single front hook on my board.  I intend to remove it now that this setup is so light it’s really not needed and should allow me to go fully strapless.

I’m a heavier rider weighing in over 200lbs.  I had some early concern that maybe the foil would be too light for me and exhibit some riding characteristics such as flexing or softness in the mast or fuselage but it has been any thing but that.  Ride is very firm and super responsive, no softness or weakness.  I like the your description as well that the mast has a dampening effect which I agree with.” 

Andy | 90 & 67cm | wing + kite, Cloud IX + Axis

“Finally got on the water!  20-25mph with big chop, 27” mast.

Everything worked great.  The longer fuse position is the same as the shorter one on the Cloud IX fuse. I’d been using the longer one, so that was a slight adjustment but not difficult.  About half the time the board actually set itself sideways after crashes, making strapless starts absurdly easy in the direction it was in and a little harder if you wanted to turn it around.  Even without the shorter fuse distance, I *think* it had a slightly livelier feel, but it’s hard to isolate from the conditions.

Carrying the board through the marsh to the water was big improvement — that weight loss was noticeable,  It made me want to get a light board (mine is about 10 lbs).”

“I would say the performance is indistinguishable from the Axis aluminum masts (which are pretty darn stiff and well-engineered, I think).  Much lighter to carry to the water, and easier/quicker connection, for the Cedrus.”

Aaron | 67cm | surf

“I just received the box with the new toys — thanks so much!  The parts look fantastic.  The big black case showed up with the white Top Secret-style lettering here at the team boatshed and the builders were curious what was inside.  I showed it off — they were really impressed with the concept and the finish.  I can’t wait to try it.

I finally got out on the Adherend mast for the first time with the cloud 9 wings (and longer fuselage fasteners — thanks for the heads up).  Anyway, just wanted to say it rides even better than it looks.  Not that I’m very good on the surf foil yet, but the light weight definitely helps.”

Paul | 90 & 65cm | kite

I have had approximately 10 sessions on it (maybe a few less).  All sessions in SF Bay, no sessions in ocean yet. Overall, I love the foil. I love its performance, it’s aesthetics, it light weight and it’s concept.”

my wife | 90cm | kite

“I could not have learned to foil without this. It was so much easier to walk up the beach, get past the break, and learn to water start. At 105lbs, the aluminum foils are just too heavy for me.”


Flight testing of the first Project Cedrus mast, designed around the original Liquid Force rocket wings. Waddell Creek, April 2017