One of the coolest aspects of this project has been meeting passionate people and making new friends. The kite community is wonderful, and it’s a big reason many of us patiently suffered through hours of getting drug across sand or body dragging for lost boards. Thanks to Project Cedrus, I’m meeting new kiters daily from all over the world. It’s been really fun, exchanging emails with potential customers or genuinely intrigued readers, but it’s even more rewarding when we get to meet up in person.

dropping off Piccolo Peak

Backcountry skiing is not something you typically do with strangers, and adding a kite to the mix further compounds the potential for disaster. So I’d like to thank Stan for having faith that I’d be a good partner, because today was one of those all-time sessions that would not have been possible without him. Having spent years touring the Whistler backcountry with friends who have since moved, or welcomed a child to the family, the last couple seasons have lacked those epic days. But today made up for it, as we had a fresh layer of snow, clear blue skies, and just enough wind to pull us up the hill and explore the beautiful terrain. I love all aspects of kiting, whether it’s a solid day at the coast with good surf and steady winds, or a boosty twin-tip session in storm winds, or a light wind foil adventure. But in all honesty, snow is my favorite medium, and when the conditions line up, you simply can’t beat it.

lapping the slackcountry
Stan working the 9m
Exploring new terrain
Lunch break… or is it Breakfast?
Epic views of Black Tusk
Final few laps with the wind picking up
Racing those December sunsets, and the 11m starting to feel a bit big
all smiles after packing up

Thank you Stan, and to all my current/future/prospective customers, or even those who just write me a nice email, for becoming new friends.