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Board mount

140x90mm Lightweight plate

The lightweight plate has been optimized using finite element analysis, removing any unnecessary material while retaining adequate stiffness at the board interface where the bending moment is highest. It fits all boards with a 140x90mm mounting hole pattern or 90mm wide tracks. It weighs approximately 295g, ideal for lightweight setups and traveling.

Board mount

strong mount

Designed to provide increased security for wing foiling, the deeper collar fully captures the mast head reducing loads in the fasteners.  At 430g, it’s a slight increase in weight but give the Classic mast more comparable strength and stiffness to the Clydesdale model. Recommended for anyone riding a wider high-volume board, read the full story on the development of this mount over in the blog.

strong carbon mount

Board mount

165x90mm Eccentric

This innovative plate mount provides four discrete mounting positions for Project Cedrus when mounting to boards with a fixed 165x90mm hole pattern (Moses/SAB, Kanaha Shapes). With a slightly eccentric about center 3-hole sequence, pick two and orient the bracket to achieve +10/-30mm displacement. Use the other two-hole combination to achieve +30/-10mm of adjustment. Whether you wish to compensate for the shift of an adapter, have a preference depending on wingset or simply want to try something new, this mount offers it all at only 340g.

board mount

Tuttle & Deep tuttle

Popular among windsurfers and original kite racing boards, the Tuttle adapter is available in both standard and deep configurations. Please note there are some variations of the Tuttle box, such as a “Chinook” variant. Please contact me for more details and understand that these mounts are custom made and therefore more expensive than the standard options above.

board mount


Convertible surfboards are the ultimate travel tool. The most epic kite trips are often in search of wind and waves, but the foil is always a session saver. At 280g, this adapter allows you to ride Project Cedrus with all KF mount boards, common to early iterations of the F-One boards. The female KF mount can also be purchased online and installed in your own favorite board.

Missing your mount? Send me a note from the purchase page and I will design whatever you need to make Project Cedrus compatible with your favorite board.