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Aluminum Mast

The stiffness, strength, and compatibility of Project Cedrus now available on demand and at a much lower price. The aluminum mast has been engineered to bring the industry-leading stiffness and strength of Project Cedrus with only a small weight penalty. Featuring the same hydrodynamic profile, all adapters and mounts are cross-compatible between models. Add another length to your Cedrus quiver, learn to foil more economically and with much greater freedom and flexibility, or ride an aluminum mast without the worries of bending or hardware seizing thanks to stainless steel threads. The aluminum mast is made in California, currently offered in a clear anodized finish, with adapters and mounts available in various contrasting colors.

Available in standard lengths of 70, 80, and 90cm, adapters and mounts add 4-5cm to the total assembly. Custom lengths below 90cm available for a premium, and please allow 1-2 weeks for necessary fabrication work. Like all Project Cedrus masts, the aluminum requires adapters and mounts for full functionality. See the shop for adapters and mounts, sold separately.

As mentioned on the launch page, the aluminum mast is not sealed for water ingress. We are working on a DIY and will post to the blog as soon as we have a sealing process if this is important to you. Water is easily drained at the end of a session following fuselage removal, or in some cases the adapter may need to be loosened in order to fully drain the mast. While we acknowledge that a fully sealed mast is a better user experience, we determined that a proper, long-lasting seal would have added significant cost and development time to the mast which was launched in the interest of increasing accessibility to the sport.

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3 reviews for Aluminum Mast

  1. Chris

    Loving my classic carbon. Works awesome. Super stoked you are making aluminum too. The 70 is going to be great for behind the boat and shallow water.

  2. mindhoc

    …this ali version is such a big deal, I remember i asked you if you were ever going to make an Ali before getting my Cedrus 75cm second mast because i thought I wouldn’t use it that often.. It is the only mast I use now… Regarding the quality, Project Cedrus is the only component in my equipment that I fully trust. Everything else is a “lets see if it survives today’s session.

  3. FoilFridays

    Finally got around to the alu mast. Really nice stuff.

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