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Cedrus Fuselage

For brands that are difficult to adapt to due to the nature of their fuselage interface, we have developed our own Cedrus-compatible fuselage. Machined from 6061-T6, these fuselages mount directly to the Project Cedrus mast and your OEM wings. At this moment, only 60cm lengths are available for Armstrong (A+ interface compatible), and the GoFoil model is designed after the current generation V2 fuselage dimensions. Cedrus fuselages ship with the mating hardware to the mast, but you will need to supply hardware to mount your wings. Because these fuselages are aluminum, and mate to carbon wings, it is important to remove your wings when not in use to minimize galvanic corrosion.

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6 reviews for Cedrus Fuselage

  1. Matt

    It is AWESOME.

    Fits wings perfectly. 60cm the all around length.

    Thank you so much for making this available.

  2. David

    Thank you for the fuse, it has significantly improved the feeling and experience while riding. I just wanted to reach out again to let you know that I am another incredibly satisfied customer and appreciate your rapid response and solution of my issue. I will return as my needs expand across your line of products.

  3. Kurt

    Unreal design and performance! I added this fuse to my aluminum mast, and started flying the Armstrong HS1250 and KD Maui Marlin stabilizer. This set up has skyrocketed my foiling progression. I’m so stoked on the quality and design of Kyle’s products. I recommend his products to anyone looking to make a change or getting into the sport as there is so much flexibility when combing the masts and now fuselage. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go all in with Project Cedrus!

  4. Kyle

    I thought the Armstrong (universal) fuselage was very very good.
    The fuse felt solid and like it was one piece. The front foil fit very tight on the fuse. Almost to a fault as it was hard to take the foil off of the front part of fuse. (better this than be loose)
    The shape of the fuse felt good and was efficient/ handled turns well.
    The tail bolt section seemed to fit the angle of the armstrong tail foils well.

  5. MM

    🤙 it’s such a great setup with the Armstrong HA, really brings performance up a ton. Feel like I can finally trust the foil to do what I want

  6. Devon

    I really enjoyed the [Armstrong] 1525 on your aluminum mast [and new modular fuselage]. Well done.

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