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Cedrus Fuselage

We are very excited to launch the first in-house designed Project Cedrus specific fuselage, finally offering compatibility with Armstrong, Takuma, and GoFoil foil wings and tails. Like adapters, the modular fuselage is compatible with all Project Cedrus masts (aluminum and carbon). Designed with a tongue-and-groove interface at each end for a rock solid, super stiff connection, wing loads are kept out of the screws so you don’t have to worry about loose hardware. Machining precision is unmatched, and design is based off all OEM wing angles-of-attack for a familiar feel under your feet. Launch customers can order the first Armstrong-specific fuselage, which coupled with the aluminum masts, allows you to ride Armstrong wings for half the price of an OEM mast/fuselage with the Cedrus quality, stiffness, and strength you are accustomed to. Complete fuselage requires head, main body, and tail for a total assembled price of $450. The Takuma tail accepts 30mm spacing flat stabs, with two optional lengths. The main body ships M8 fasteners, offering better corrosion resistance and 50% higher strength than standard A4-70 hardware. Heads and tails require your wing/stab hardware.

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3 reviews for Cedrus Fuselage

  1. Kyle

    I thought the Armstrong (universal) fuselage was very very good.
    The fuse felt solid and like it was one piece. The front foil fit very tight on the fuse. Almost to a fault as it was hard to take the foil off of the front part of fuse. (better this than be loose)
    The shape of the fuse felt good and was efficient/ handled turns well.
    The tail bolt section seemed to fit the angle of the armstrong tail foils well.

  2. MM

    🤙 it’s such a great setup with the Armstrong HA, really brings performance up a ton. Feel like I can finally trust the foil to do what I want

  3. Devon

    I really enjoyed the [Armstrong] 1525 on your aluminum mast [and new modular fuselage]. Well done.

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