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Cedrus Mast Repair

We know stuff happens, and in 5 years we’ve nearly seen it all. Whether it’s seized hardware, striking a reef, landing on an upside-down foil after a big air, hitting a turtle, or watching your setup tumble in the surf. Project Cedrus was designed to be repairable, and we are happy to offer very reasonably priced repair services for your mast(s). Simply purchase this, and it will help streamline our operations by generating the shipping label to return your mast to you as good as new. Have an aluminum mast that you’d like shortened? Need new helicoils in your carbon Classic? We can perform all necessary repairs or modifications in a timely manner.

A functional repair ensures as-new function of the mast: new threads, machined adapter/mount interfaces, leading/trailing edge repair. A refinish service involves functional repair but adds mast re-painting, applicable to carbon masts only. Please note that a refinish is not necessary when repairing the edges following damage; the functional repair involves filling and fairing, and the mast will function as new, but the repaired area may be visible. A refinish should bring the mast back to cosmetic as-new condition, and will take significantly more time due to coordination with the paint shop.

**Please note that if your damage is determined to be warranty-related, we will happily refund your purchase. However, nearly every damaged mast we’ve seen has been the result of abuse loads (crashes, impacts) or due to improper care/maintenance (lack of dis-assembly, rinsing, not checking hardware before use). Pre-paying for repair ensures that there are no surprises for either of us, and again helps streamline our operations and tracking. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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1 review for Cedrus Mast Repair

  1. Jerome

    Got the mast today. It looks GREAT!

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