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Classic Mast

The mast that started it all, the Project Cedrus “Classic” is still exceeding industry benchmarks for stiffness and strength, while remaining one of the lightest and only truly universal foil masts on the market. Whether you want a stiffer mast for your favorite kitefoil, or just want to try as many wings as possible as you learn to prone foil, The Classic will grow with you. Pair it with our lightweight plate, and you’ll have the lightest set up at the beach. Go with the Strong Mount if you’re a wing-foiler, and don’t ever worry about bending your aluminum mast or breaking your carbon mast again. The Classic is available in lengths as short as 55cm up to 95cm (assembled) for the perfect prone, wing, and kite configuration.

Project Cedrus is the only fully custom hydrofoil mast available in lengths down to the inch, and as a result, will have varying lead times. Depending on seasonality, material availability, natural disasters (yes, fires and freezes affect production), and demand, it may take 4-8 weeks to assemble your custom length mast. We are working hard to increase production throughput but again these are handmade in the USA to your specifications and take time to build. Specifying your custom build is also very time-consuming, as we work together to determine mounts, adapters and compatibility, and stiffness/strength requirements. For this reason, full payment for Project Cedrus is now due upfront.
As of November 1st, 2022, carbon mast orders are on hold while we work through a backlog in addition to expected production slowdown due to the Holidays. Thank you for your patience and understanding; we will continue to support any and all clients with adapters, mounts, and/or aluminum masts.
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6 reviews for Classic Mast

  1. Jerome

    I have to say I feel more and more like a genius for having invested in Project Cedrus masts a few years ago. 😉👏👍

  2. Chris

    Ordered up an 88cm Classic. Been running Armstrong and Slingshot foils winging. Light, stiff and a simple switch between platforms. Very easy to take apart for travel. Made in America. Kyle is the man for product support. Get one.

  3. Rick

    People riding your mast are very lucky!

  4. Alex

    Had 3 sessions on Lift 120 with 26 carve. I am having a blast with that new set up! It feels like the entire foil is one piece!I must tell you how impressed I am with your mast’s construction, it is seamless and looks flawless.

  5. John

    Your products are amazing, good job!

  6. Chaz

    just had my first session with the Cedrus, worth the wait…perfectly tuned foil set.

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