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Clydesdale Mast

The Clydesdale was developed primarily to offer increased lengths without significant changes to existing tooling and design. With an additional ply of unique spread-tow fabric, a 3rd stainless steel mount screw in a dedicated mount. The collar is deeper and tighter fitting against an aluminum plug extending from the mast, meaning the carbon is not subject to out-of-plane bearing forces. The Clydesdale is stiffer and stronger than the Classic with only a ~300g weight penalty. Targeting the most aggressive wing, windsurf, and SUP foilers on big boards and tall masts, The Clydesdale is available in 93cm and 96cm (100cm+ assembled) lengths. Shorter configurations for heavier riders or those less weight sensitive can be assembled upon request. However, without a single structural failure of a Classic mast since its inception, shorter Clydesdales are justified for unique reasons.

Project Cedrus is the only fully custom hydrofoil mast available in lengths down to the inch, and as a result, will have varying lead times. Depending on seasonality, material availability, natural disasters (yes, fires and freezes affect production), and demand, it may take 4-8 weeks to assemble your custom length mast. We are working hard to increase production throughput but again these are handmade in the USA to your specifications and take time to build. Specifying your custom build is also very time-consuming, as we work together to determine mounts, adapters and compatibility, and stiffness/strength requirements. For this reason, full payment for Project Cedrus is now due upfront.
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3 reviews for Clydesdale Mast

  1. Jeff

    …turned me on to the Sabfoil 940, which I winged and wind foiled on during most of my last 3 weeks at Hood River. I sailed your mast exclusively during this time. It always felt rock-solid stable. It’s so cool to easily switch between combinations on your mast.

  2. James

    I don’t feel any flex thru these turns!! I love this thing!

  3. Spieth

    I am totally happy with the klysdale, a true gem!

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