Anti-Ventilation Fence

As discussed extensively in the blog, ventilation can occur with any hydrofoil surface (mast or wings) when pushed aggressively or due to water surface conditions. Fences are used throughout the America’s Cup on lifting and control surfaces (rudders and foils) to prevent ventilation. Project Cedrus was the first to explore the use of fences to prevent the propagation of surface-based flow separation, and results over months of testing have been successful. We are excited to offer these simple 3D printed, adhesive-backed fences for use with your mast, if you are experiencing ventilation or want to continue pushing for more aggressive speeds or angles of attack. To install, peel a small portion of the adhesive liner away from the trailing edge portion of the fence (do NOT remove all backing). Place around the mast, rounded side up, just below where the mast pierces the water (25-30cm from fuselage). Finish the install by peeling adhesive liner after the fence is around the mast. Press the fence into the mast for a good strong bond, and go ride! If you need to reposition the fence, any 40mil/1mm thick foam-based adhesive tape (often called VHB) will suffice. Fences ship in a variety of colors, due to limited availability of new P-PLA filament from MarkForged.

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