Cedrus Foil Tool

We are proud to launch the first Foil-specific multitool, with all the tools needed to connect your mount, adapters, fuselages, and Armstrong wings. A co-lab with Fix Manufacturing, this tool body is machined by the same people who make all Project Cedrus adapters and mounts. The hardened Chrome-Vanadium (Cr-V) steel bits feature exceptional corrosion resistance, strength, and precision fit with your hardware.

Tools included: 2.5MM hex bit (perfect for fin keys, or the new e-foil cover plates), 4MM hex for M6, 5MM hex for standard A2/A4-70 M8, and a 6MM hex for new A4-80 M8 adapter hardware! A knife, to open your latest box of foiling gear. A bottle opener, to celebrate after the sesh, and T30 & T40 for Armstrong.

We’ve found that we never have enough hands when we walk to the beach, so┬áincluded with the tool is an 18″ long 2″ wide velcro strap with a stainless steel buckle. The strap allows you to attach the tool to your equipment or body (wrist, leg, etc) for the long walk to the beach or during extended downwinders. Or, get creative and strap the tool to a floaty and toss it on your jet ski or boat for use without having to worry about it sinking. Please note that in the marine environment, nothing is truly immune to corrosion. We recommend rinsing and occasional lubrication of the tool with T-9, WD-40, or gun oil if you really want to prevent tarnishing of the finish.

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