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Classic Fuselage Adapters

Project Cedrus is the only fully universal hydrofoil mast thanks to the use of precision machined adapters which have been refined since the original introduction in 2019. The Classic adapters are compatible with the Original Classic Carbon and Aluminum Masts. Adapters for Axis, Lift, Takuma, Cabrinha, Unifoil, SAB Kraken, and F-One are typically in-stock and available to ship at any time or with your mast. Adapters for other brands including Slingshot, Naish, Mikes Lab, and many more are available on a made-to-order basis. These adapters, along with obsolete designs such as SAB/Moses M6 are more expensive due to lower machining quantities and potential design costs, however much cheaper than a new mast. If a new brand or model becomes popular, we will adjust price and inventory holding accordingly. We want to keep adapters as cheap as possible, but cannot afford the risk of holding inventory for less popular connections given that they may become obsolete. Shops and wholesale purchases of less common adapters are always welcome, just contact us for pricing and MOQ. Please note that other/custom adapters may have a 4-6 week lead time depending on workload and supply chain issues outside of our control. Custom machining is very expensive and time-consuming, and anodizing in particular is one of the industries hit hardest by COVID/labor issues.

As discussed on the blog, Project Cedrus will always strive to be a universal foil system however it’s not always possible to maintain compatibility with every single connection ever produced.

Furthermore, despite tight machining tolerances of all adapters, it may be necessary to shim adapters due to the looser tolerances of OEM molded components. In many cases, the CAD for our adapters are supplied directly from the OEM brands.

For fuselage connections like those found on Armstrong and GoFoil, see the modular fuselage for additional compatibility options.

Finally, please understand the use of all M6 hardware connections are at your own risk. Project Cedrus cannot assume any responsibility for lost foils due to M6 hardware failures, which are common even on OEM setups due to ever increasing wing spans and loads due to aggressive wing foiling. There is a reason major brands from SAB to Takuma have transitioned to M8 hardware. Furthermore, do not use Titanium hardware to connect your adapter. As discussed on the blog, certain Titanium alloys are not as strong as Cedrus-supplied stainless hardware.

Use the “contact us” page to request additional information regarding adapters and compatibility; we will do our best to make Project Cedrus compatible with your desired wings! Please do NOT contact us regarding adapters for other brands’ masts. We cannot design and fabricate adapters for masts other than Project Cedrus. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that Classic Adapters are not compatible with the new Evolution Cedrus mast series.

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Cabrinha, SAB Kraken (M8), Code, Gong V2, Naish S27, Omen, Other/Custom, SPG, SS Phantasm, Starboard V8, Takuma M6, Takuma M8, Unifoil, Axis, F-One, Lift

Other/Custom adapter options include but not limited to:

Moses Windsurf (M6)
AK Durable
Cloud IX
Cloud IX Carbon
Delta Foils
Gong V2
Ine Foils
Indiana V1
Indiana V2
Liquid Force
MFC Hydros
Mike’s Lab
Naish_Takuma 2020
Naish S26
Niel Pryde
NP Glide
North Sonar
Ono Foils
SS Phantasm
SS Hoverglide

Please note that in very rare instances, brands can change their fuselage connection designs which prevent compatibility with Project Cedrus. For this reason, Project Cedrus cannot be fully guaranteed as forward compatible with every brand and every foil connection. We will do our best to make Project Cedrus work with your favorite wings, but there may be additional costs depending on the complexity and availability of the connection system. For example, EU-based direct-to-consumer foil brands without a presence in the US can be challenging to design around. You can aid the process by requesting CAD from the brand, and will be responsible for shipping charges of equipment for reverse-engineering. Project Cedrus will always be compatible with the most popular foil ecosystems, and adapter prices for these popular brands will remain as low and fair as possible to maximize value of your mast.

3 reviews for Classic Fuselage Adapters

  1. John

    Wow I just had such a great session on the mast you sent me. it came yesterday and and rode my new cabrina on it in some great waves.

  2. Jon

    I’ve been running your mast with Axis very successfully and I love it!

  3. Nick

    New adapter working great, been out 6 or 7 times now, it got a little trial trashing yesterday when I screwed up getting out in some shore dump. It passed with flying colours. I’m sailing better than I ever have, I’m psyched.

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