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All hardware associated with Project Cedrus is Metric 8mm with 1.25mm thread pitch (M8x1.25). Damage from impact and/or strain due to fatigue and heavy use can cause bolts to elongate or bend. Even hardware from OEM setups will wear with time, and replacement is recommended whenever bolts loosen unexpectedly. You can easily check thread pitch for damage by comparing a new fastener to old; the threads should line up ridge to ridge. If they don’t, the bolt has strained and it will not stay tight and potentially damage the mast.

PVD coated Ti hardware has multiple advantages. 1) the PVD coating improves lubricity, reducing friction and making it easier to achieve optimal torque levels. 2) Reduced corrosion when in contact with aluminum. While threads in the mast are stainless, corrosion can occur between the head of the bolt and the aluminum adapter if not properly cared for. This is the primary reason Titanium hardware is used with all Evolution Mounts. 3) Reduced weight. Titanium hardware is about half the weight of steel. 4) Increased strength and fatigue properties. 6/4 Titanium (Grade 5) hardware is stronger and more fatigue resistant than even the A4-80 standard hardware. Please note that Grade 2 is not. 5) Gold 6/4 Ti Hardware comes with a patch of thread-locker applied, good for at least 3 uses. While hardware loosening is much less likely to occur with the Evolution interface, the thread-locker provides additional insurance.

Please verify compatibility with your adapter/mount before ordering. Early adapter designs (as far back as 2018) may have used “low-profile” socket head cap screws, which can be procured from McMaster-Carr Newer adapters are laser-engraved and designed around more common, standard height socket head cap screws. Feel free to contact us with any questions re: compatibility.

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