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Cedrus Mast Shim

Project Cedrus shim plates are 3D printed using carbon fiber-filled Nylon filament, for a stiffer and more durable interface than typical 3D printed shims. They are designed to clip directly onto any Project Cedrus mount, so you don’t have to worry about losing it at the beach or in the trunk of your car. They are available in custom angles, just put your desired degrees in the “notes” section at checkout. They also work well as a pad between your board and your mount, to protect each from scratching or wear. Just order a 0 degree if that’s what you’re looking for. To attach shim to the mount, clip the thick end first. Then work the thinner end clip around the mount by bending the shim. You can use low heat from a heat gun or blowdryer which will soften the shim and make it easier to clip onto the mast mount. Do not force them on as clips can break, however in such case the shim is still perfectly effective.

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2 reviews for Cedrus Mast Shim

  1. Kyle

    Depending on your climate, water temperature, amount of use, and angle, the shim may warp rendering the clips ineffective. It will remain a functional shim, but in some cases not stay attached per the original design. We apologize for this. Nylon (even carbon-filled) is hydroscopic, and will absorb moisture. This can cause the shim to deform, especially at extreme temperatures. If you are unhappy with your purchase, simply return for a full refund. We are grateful for the feedback and will take all into account for potential future designs.

  2. Jonas

    they still work fine. they just don’t stay attached to the baseplate by itself anymore if you disconnect to mast from the board

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