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Don’t see your favorite wings? If it’s a basic attachment I can most likely design the adapter needed using this process. There is no additional cost for custom Cedrus-specific adapters, however adapters are not designed or machined until a deposit is paid. Message me for additional upgrades like custom fuselages and quick-release board mounts. Please see the FAQ before submitting any questions regarding compatibility or price.


best wingsurfing mast ever.

foilfridays, 75cm mast / wing

I'm a heavier rider weighing in over 200lbs. I had some early concern that maybe the foil would be too light for me and exhibit some riding characteristics such as flexing or softness in the mast or fuselage but it has been any thing but that. Ride is very firm and super responsive, no softness or weakness.

Hans, 90cm mast / kite

I finally got out on the Adherend mast for the first time with the cloud 9 wings (and longer fuselage fasteners -- thanks for the heads up). Anyway, just wanted to say it rides even better than it looks. Not that I'm very good on the surf foil yet, but the light weight definitely helps.

Aaron, 65cm mast / surf

I could not have learned to foil without this. It was so much easier to walk up the beach, get past the break, and learn to water start. At 105lbs, the aluminum foils are just too heavy for me.

Kristen, 90cm mast / kite

questions, leadtimes, and custom cedrus adapter design

Please see the FAQ before submitting a message.

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