Build your own custom carbon hydrofoil

The Classic

The mast that started it all, the Project Cedrus “Classic” is still exceeding industry benchmarks for stiffness and strength, while remaining one of the lightest and only truly universal foil masts on the market. Whether you want a stiffer mast for your favorite kitefoil, or just want to try as many wings as possible as you learn to prone foil, The Classic will grow with you.

The Clydesdale

The Clydesdale was developed primarily to offer increased lengths without significant changes to existing tooling and design. With an additional ply of unique spread-tow fabric, a 3rd stainless steel mount screw in a dedicated mount. The collar is deeper and tighter fitting against an aluminum plug extending from the mast, meaning the carbon is not subject to out-of-plane bearing forces.

Engineered aluminum

25% more weight, at only 25% of the price. Bringing the stiffness, strength, and compatibility of Project Cedrus to the quickly growing and evolving world of hydrofoiling, the Aluminum Mast was a natural progression.


Want to try new wings with your existing Project Cedrus mast? Click the button below to order an adapter only. **Popular adapters for Takuma, Axis, Lift, Unifoil, F-One, and SAB are typically in stock, while others are custom made to order. As adapter designs are constantly changing, I will follow up with you upon payment and we can confirm compatibility and lead time. International customers, I will invoice for additional shipping fees.


Foil a modern surfboard with tracks, kite a pocket board with 165×90 spaced inserts, or get that old race board with a Tuttle box back on the water. Project Cedrus was the first carbon mast with a modular mounting system resulting in greater compatibility and higher strength than traditional monocoque carbon masts.